The Spiegel-Relaskop

The Spiegel-Relaskop fulfills multiple requirements for a forestry measuring tool on a global scale. The instrument finds versatile applications in forestry as well as in science.

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Areas of Application 

The Spiegel-Relaskop is mainly used to capture the stock footprint using the angle-count sampling method to determine basal area density in forests by simple counting. Thus, the forest can be optimized for forestry or the results can be used for investigations. However, it is also possible to visually measure heights, distances, trunk diameters and gradients. It automatically corrects any inclination in the line of sight. The Spiegel-Relaskop is available in four different versions, which differ in the built-in scales. Depending on the environment and nature of the forest, the optimal scale should be chosen to successfully perform measurements.


While the optical-mechanical function is the same for all different variations of the Spiegel-Relaskop, they differ in four scales, depending on the focus of use. A detailed comparison of the individual scales can be found here

• MS – Metric Standard, is especially suitable for forestry conditions of temperate climates with tree diameters up to 0.8 meters and for measuring heights from the standard distances of 15, 20, 25 or 30 meters.

• Wide Scale, also called "virgin forest scale", is a special scale developed for the measurement of large tree diameters at different heights and for angle-count sampling with large basal-area factors.

• CP – Metric CP, combines the functions of Metric Standard and Wide Scale. It can be used as a universal instrument for all measurements of any suitable distance with different counting factors and for precision measurements. It also has a CP correction scale to find the horizontal distance.

• American Scale, has functions analogous to the Metric Standard Scale, but the units are in American measures (feet and inches).


The measuring instrument is about the size of a fist and weighs around 350 grams. It is held in the hand during use while looking through the visor with one eye, where the respective scale can be seen. The practical sun visor for unfolding offers pleasant measuring even in strong light conditions. For more accurate measurements, we recommend using the special tripod, which has lockable ball joints as well as an extendable and pivotable center column.


Tripod and Ball Joint Adapter In order to guarantee a high degree of precision in the measurements with the Spiegel-Relaskop, it is recommended to use the tripod with the associated ball joint adapters "Micro" and "Mini"

Range-Finder Target: Serves as an aid for the Spiegel-Relaskop with a lenght of 2 meters. It is mainly used for height measurements.

Jacobstaff: Serves as a 1.37 meters long monopod in conjunction with the "Ball Joint Adapter". It enables fast and flexible measuring.

Service & More

We are always available for scientific and technical questions. We also carry out repairs of the Spiegel-Relaskop.

We work together with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences:

More information about the Spiegel-Relaskop and detailed manuals can be found here: Downloads